Trash Service

Texas Pride's new carts should already be delivered.

Republic Services has ceased picking up garbage and recycling as of the end of August.  Please place the EMPTY Republic Waste trash cart on the curb for pick up, if you have not done so already.  Please begin to use the Texas Pride trash carts already supplied and placing them out on the curb for Tuesday pick ups.

Rates: Residential - $13.15/month; Small Commercial - $20.05/month

Household Garbage: Waste should be placed in the cart near the curb by 7 AM.

Recycling: Place empty, clean, dry cardboard, paper, metal cans, glass, plastic bottles and jugs loosely in the cart. A full, detailed list of acceptable recyclable items can be  found on the City’s website.

Heavy Trash: Each week, Texas Pride Disposal will collect up to three bulky items such as furniture, appliances or objects that cannot fit in the garbage cart. Please place at curb next to the garbage cart.

Yard Debris: Weekly collection of yard debris is limited to 15 bags, not exceeding 35 pounds each.  Branches should be tied in bundles not exceeding 40 pounds (less than 2" in diameter and cut to 4-foot lengths) and limited to 4-cubic yards per service day. Note: Commercial tree services must haul off their own limbs.

Super Heavy Trash: There will also be an additional quarterly pickup of bulky items, bags and bundles. Volume cannot exceed 6-cubic yards (about the size of a small car). 

Items Excluded from Collection: Dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete, liquid paints, fuels, oils, tires, pesticides, fertilizer, batteries, pallets, construction debris, and hazardous waste are NOT allowed. Please contact Texas Pride Disposal to discuss solutions for proper disposal of these items.

Pay Piles:  To dispose of large amounts of debris, please contact Texas Pride Disposal for a quote.

Additional Garbage & Recycling Carts: These are available for an additional $2.00/cart per month.  After September 15, please email Texas Pride Disposal to request an additional cart if needed. Carts will be delivered within one week of request, and charges will be added to your water bill. 

Smaller Carts: The standard 95-gallon carts will be delivered, but a smaller 65-gallon cart is available for both garbage and recycling upon request. Note: There is no decrease in rate for a smaller cart.  Requests can be made after September 15.

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